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Emerging trends for contemporary learning (mathematics/science/technology) is a Course

Emerging trends for contemporary learning (mathematics/science/technology)

Ended Dec 16, 2021

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This learning event is right for you if you are a mathematics/science/technology educator seeking highly curated content and resources to build your practice.


“When one teaches, two learn.”

Robert Heinlein

There is an abundance of research in the field of education, but how do you select what to read? What to trial? What to explore further? This highly curated course is designed to introduce educators to the work of our global, national and local partners. Each fortnight we will release a new module highlighting the work of one of our trusted experts and thought leaders in professional learning. Highly curated content relating the theme to your learning area(s) will be provided in consultation with our 'Brains Trust', a group of dedicated, contemporary teachers across all key learning areas. You'll have the opportunity to learn, grow and share through each module. The course will be structured around the following themes:

Bold Moves for Schools

Project Wayfinder

Project Zero

Raising Student Achievement

Design Thinking



Key takeaways 

  • enhanced understanding of contemporary practices from ISV's partners
  • highly curated resources targeted to your learning area
  • shared reflection and discussion to deepen understanding
  • practical application ideas from practising teachers.       

Presenter information

A range of local, national and international partners

Brains trust 

A group of practising teachers from independent schools across a broad range of subject and grade levels