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Using video to improve teaching is a Course

Using video to improve teaching

Ended Jun 22, 2021

Full course description

Date and time

Wednesday 20 October 2021, 9.30am to 3.30pm

Delivery mode

In person @ ISV: 40 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne


This learning event is right for you if you are a primary or secondary teacher interested in using self-captured video to improve your practice or a leader wanting to introduce video observation in your school.


The challenge with observation is that often we end up seeing what we want to see and we can be guided by our cognitive biases. The process of observing is like interpreting a Rorschach Image—one of those ink blot images that psychiatrists show to their patients—where some say they can see their mother and others JFK.

Classroom observation is a powerful tool to improve one's practice, but often relies on a highly skilled observer to provide helpful feedback. Using self-captured video allows you to engage in powerful conversations with colleagues by viewing your teaching and learning together,  and provides the  opportunities to press pause. It is also an excellent tool for self-reflection. In this workshop we will examine different models for using video observation, the do's and don'ts for capturing a class, the types of technology you'll need and tools to use for reflection and feedback.

The research on micro-teaching also suggests that the act of video recording lessons and then peer-reviewing those recordings can have significant impact.

- Education Cargo Cults Must Die, John Hattie and Arran Hamilton, 2018.

This learning event supports creating best practice toward the following VRQA standard(s):

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes.                                        

Key takeaways                 

  • exploration of different models of video observation
  • suggestions for how to use self-captured video for professional growth
  • tips for recording lessons
  • tools for reflection and feedback.


Presenter information

Deb Carmichael                

Deb Carmichael has worked in Independent schools for over 25 years as a teacher, department head and in senior executive roles. During this time, she was involved in a number of projects including professional learning models, classroom observation, student leadership and curriculum development. Deb is now a Senior Advisor at Independent Schools Victoria, working in The Development Centre. This allows her to use her experience, ideas, interest in current research and passion for teaching and learning to engage and work with fellow educators.

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