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Student focused assessment is a Course

Student focused assessment

Jul 14 - Aug 30, 2021

$1,340 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time

Day 1: Thursday 15 July 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Day 2: Monday 16 August 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

In person: 40 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne


This learning event is right for you if you are seeking to maximise visible learning and student feedback by reframing classroom practices.


This course will help you explicitly put students in the centre of the frame.

Each strategy is designed to easily integrate with your existing resources and routine learning activities. You will be able to provide your students with daily benefits that include an improved first-hand understanding of their growth, better alignment with learning intentions and will directly serve to lower student stress and assessment-based anxieties.

Day One

  • Analyse and develop key components of a truly student-focused Assessment Is Learning experience
  • Explore the impact on learning stemming from brain research
  • Utilise student-friendly generic rubrics for rapid peer assessment, feedback and guidance
  • Be active in step-by-step hands-on experience, reflection and coaching of daily classroom strategies in a tiered developmentally appropriate sequence.

Day Two

  • Share and deconstruct your school-based trials
  • Examine the challenges as the communicator of learning
  • Refine and extend skills introduced on Day One
  • Explore student-focused error analysis and response strategies
  • Connect learning behaviours to academic growth with student focused rubrics.

‘I just completed “Student-Focused Assessment, Feedback & Guidance” with Craig. It was a life-changing experience that every teacher should attend! His depth of experience and knowledge is extraordinary, and every statement is backed with empirical evidence gathered during his long teaching career.

Highly recommended!’

This learning event supports creating best practice toward the following VRQA standard(s):

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Monitoring and reporting on students’ performance.                               

Key takeaways                 

  • rapid assessment, feedback and guidance strategies
  • learning behaviour and error analysis/response strategies
  • a development in pedagogy that will embed ongoing strategies to engage and support students in assessment
  • a modification to classroom practice that will provide more feedback without adding to teacher workload
  • confidence and understanding after actively experiencing each strategy as a student.


Presenter information

Craig Becker                      

With over 25 years’ experience as an educational leader, PD consultant and classroom teacher, Craig Becker is passionate and skilled in the areas of raising student engagement, reframing pedagogy and creating visible learning. Craig’s work is strategically stakeholder focused and aligned with current leading meta-research. He advocates for learning, leadership and professional development structures to be inclusive, positively focused and well communicated. Craig has devoted many years to embedded action-research that has helped to identify and develop clear connections between learning behaviours, academic growth and student motivators. An active proponent of both student and teacher efficacy, Craig has successfully led teams and curriculum initiatives in 6 different schools across 4 countries, including 2 of the world’s leading international schools. Following his work as a key contributor to a global research and development initiative focused on driving improvement in schools, Craig continues his work as an educational consultant for both local and international schools whilst very much enjoying his Head of Department role at Toorak College.


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