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Strategies for auditing your curriculum is a Course

Strategies for auditing your curriculum

Nov 15 - Nov 30, 2021

$300 Enrol

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Date and time

Tuesday 16 November 2021, 9.30 am to 11.30 am

Delivery mode

Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


This learning event is right for you if you are keen to grow your knowledge and understanding of how to audit a curriculum. You might be a leader of learning or an experienced teacher who wants to develop your skills in curriculum overview and review.


A key question for all leaders of learning at every stage of schooling is this: is there a properly managed curriculum that is planned, implemented, and assessed in accordance with appropriate standards? At face value, this seems a straight-forward preposition, but it is a complex question. What standards? How detailed should the plan be? Who owns it? Where can we afford autonomy and how specific should our requirements of teachers be? How often should we review it? What evidence is appropriate to be sure of our answers to these questions?  Clarity in our understanding ensures our efforts are sensible and purposeful.

Robert Marzano (2000) says that the provision of a ‘guaranteed and viable curriculum’ is one of the in-school factors that has most impact on student learning. Being clear about what we mean by curriculum, and ensuring that our curriculum is coherent and doable is a critical function of leanring area leaders and teachers.

This learning event supports creating best practice toward meeting the following VRQA standard(s):

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Curriculum framework            

Key takeaways              

  • an understanding of how and when to conduct curriculum audits
  • awareness of the expectations of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
  • tools and resources for auditing your school's curriculum.


Presenter information

Aine Maher                     

Aine Maher is an Ambassador for Independent Schools Victoria. She designs and delivers customised professional learning programs in the areas of curriculum, teaching and learning and leadership development. Aine is an accomplished presenter, a skilled communicator and, with expertise and experience in independent schools over many years, highly knowledgeable in her field. A dynamic networker, Aine has participated in a broad range of state and national advisory and representative committees giving her access to contemporary thinking and practice in learning design, organisational culture and leadership.