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Teacher experts: using experience to improve practice is a Course

Teacher experts: using experience to improve practice

Mar 18 - Jul 21, 2020

$1,340 Enroll

Full course description

Date and time 

Thursday 19 March (Day one) and Tuesday 21 July (Day two) 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm


This learning event is right for you if you are an experienced teacher looking to improve student learning in persistently challenging areas of the curriculum


This two-day program aims to assist educators in designing an authentic action-research project to address a topic within the curriculum that students generally bring misconceptions to or find especially difficult year in and year out. 

The course will draw upon the expertise of the teacher to explore and tailor solutions using their subject matter knowledge, combined with their knowledge of pedagogy, in a highly targeted way.

We highly recommend you embark upon this project with a trusted colleague.

There will be four key phases:

  1. identification of challenging topic area (prior to day one)
  2. designing the project and evaluation method (day one at ISV)
  3. monitoring progress (coaching provided in between day one and day two)
  4. analysing results, showcasing and creating the next project (day two at ISV).

‘What is unique about the teaching process is that it requires teachers to “transform” their subject matter knowledge for the purpose of teaching.’ 
– Shulman, 1986

Key takeaways                

  • ways to tap into the rich data of your classroom
  • establishment of methods to analyse your impact in an area of your choosing
  • a framework for other action-research projects
  • a collaborative project to share more broadly back at school.

Presenter information  

Karen Milkins-Hendry

Karen Milkins-Hendry is Dean of The Development Centre at Independent Schools Victoria. Her 26 years working in schools included leadership experience that spanned across pastoral and academic areas with extended periods as Acting Principal. This background provided valuable strategic skills and experience to bring into both the development and implementation of leadership programs. With a teaching background as broad as Specialist Mathematics and Chemistry through to VCE Theatre Studies, Karen relishes her current role of engaging with the broader educational community with a view to providing evidence-based support to the unique improvement journey of schools. 

Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan is the Manager, Research Programs at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV). Before joining ISV, he was a senior consultant at Phillips KPA where he led numerous national research and evaluation projects spanning the schools, vocational education and training and university sectors. Michael has conducted research with all Australian governments and consulted to most Australian universities. He is a skilled social researcher and policy analyst specialising in policy and program evaluation, strategy, and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. Michael holds a first class honours degree from the University of Melbourne.