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VIT Registration for early years teachers and mentors is a Course

VIT Registration for early years teachers and mentors

Starts Feb 16, 2020


Full course description

Date and Time

Monday 17 February 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm


This learning event is right for you if you are seeking to complete full registration as a kindergarten teacher and for those who support and mentor newly graduated kindergarten teachers


The session will take you through the process to gain full registration. The day will be lead by leaders in both the VIT and early years spaces, giving you time to explore, unpack and discuss with others the ways and strategies to develop and enhance your inquiry question, ensuring the greatest impact upon your pedagogical practice. There is also the opportunity to partner with peers and fellow mentors to further navigate your practice.

In building the status and standing of those in the early childhood education field we must ensure rigorous processes and procedures are in place to enhance the pedagogical practice of kindergarten teachers educating our youngest minds. Having sound relational trust and ethical practices at the core of their practice are critical in the professionalism of the field.

Key Takeaways                

·         sound knowledge of the aspects of process in undertaking your inquiry into your practice

·         strategies in how best to gather evidence of meeting all 37 descriptors of the APST at the Proficient Teacher level

·         given examples of the types of evidence needed to demonstrate proficiency against each of the descriptors

·         validation of the strong partnerships with parents, carers, and families of the children they teach

·         opportunity to have wondering and inquires shared with peers leading experts in the area

·         established working protocols and goals with a mentor and for self-study.


Presenter Information

Linda Blakis

Linda Blakis is a Principal Practitioner with VIT. After a highly competitive recruitment selection process, Linda joined VIT in February 2019 to take on the newly created Principal Practitioner role. This role works across many branches to build a strong connection between VIT and the teaching profession.

A trained secondary teacher, Linda has worked predominantly in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, and was Assistant Principal of a large P-12 school before taking up the VIT appointment. Linda is passionate about teaching and the importance of investing in teachers, who she sees as our state’s most important professional group.

Helen Schiele                    

Helen has worked in the educational field for some 26 years. She has developed professional learning  in the areas of curriculum design, differentiation, professional learning communities, Cognitive Coaching and literacy and numeracy strategies. Prior to entering the primary and secondary areas, Helen worked extensively as an early childhood practitioner, predominately in low socioeconomic areas and multicultural communities. Helen’s extensive experience as a generalist teacher in both the primary and secondary fields also includes leading initiatives in gifted education and philosophy. Helen has a Masters in Education and is completing her Doctoral studies in collective efficacy.

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