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Practical AI strategies: ISV workshop 2024059F is a Course

Practical AI strategies: ISV workshop 2024059F

Mar 19, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

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Full course description

Date and time

Tuesday 19 March 2024, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

In person at ISV, 40 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne


Educator, Leader


Join Leon Furze for a comprehensive workshop designed for educators at all levels. This ISV event is based on the book "Practical AI Strategies." The goal is to empower teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate artificial intelligence into their teaching practices effectively and ethically.

This engaging workshop is structured into three parts:

Part One: Understanding AI and Its Ethical Implications: In this introductory segment, we explore the basics of what AI is and discuss its potential impact in the educational sphere. We will address key ethical concerns surrounding AI in education, fostering a responsible and informed approach to using these technologies.

Part Two: AI and Assessment - The 5-Level AI Assessment Scale: In the second part, we focus on the intersection of AI and student assessment. We introduce the 5-Level AI Assessment Scale, a revolutionary framework for integrating AI into evaluation processes. Teachers will learn how to leverage AI tools to enhance the assessment of student learning and outcomes.

Part Three: Practical Strategies for AI: The final part of the workshop provides hands-on strategies for incorporating text and image generation into daily teaching activities. We'll explore practical applications of AI in lesson planning, classroom instruction, and student engagement, offering teachers new ways to enrich the learning experience. Whether you are new to AI or looking to expand your existing knowledge, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your teaching methodology with AI.

Key takeaways               

  • understanding of the fundamentals of generative AI
  • awareness of generative AI ethics
  • understanding and application of the National Framework on generative AI
  • practical strategies and experience in using generative AI.

Presenter information

Leon Furze        

Leon Furze is a PhD student, experienced educator, consultant and educational writer. He is the author of "Practical Reading Strategies" and "Practical Writing Strategies", and a VCE assessor. Leon provides professional learning and strategic planning for curriculum, literacy, and digital technologies.

Leon has taught English, Literature and Digital Technologies in Australia and the UK for over fifteen years and was formerly Director of Learning and Teaching at Monivae College Hamilton. In 2016 he completed his Master of Education at the University of Melbourne, focusing on how Professional Learning can mitigate the risk of burnout in teachers.

His PhD is focused on Artificial Intelligence in education, and particularly the impact large language models like GPT will have on writing.