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Teaching Units 1 & 2 Chemistry is a Course

Teaching Units 1 & 2 Chemistry

Started Jan 19, 2020

$590 Enroll

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During this one-day workshop, you will have time to discuss and work through the VCE Units 1 & 2 Chemistry course. This workshop will include:

  • exploring the VCE Study Design
  • suggested timelines
  • SAC suggestions
  • tips and tricks for engaging your students
  • preparing your students for success in VCE Chemistry.

Key takeaways                

  • a framework in which to teach VCE Units 1 & 2 Chemistry
  • ideas on how to structure your week, term and year
  • comprehensive understanding of the level of detail required by VCE Chemistry students
  • confidence to begin the year well prepared and with a fresh mindset.

Presenter information

Matt DiPetta                     

Matthew Di Petta is a VCE Psychology and Chemistry teacher. Having completed a science degree in both chemistry and psychology, he has been fortunate to start his teaching career working in both fields. Currently, he is teaching VCE Chemistry at Melbourne Grammar School whilst maintaining his passion for psychology through resource development, workshop presentations, revision lecture delivery and tutoring. Work at his previous school focused on creating a popular and successful psychology program that was built on student engagement and a culture of student confidence and a determination to succeed.