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Beginning teachers workshop is a Course

Beginning teachers workshop

Apr 19 - Apr 20, 2020

$670 Enroll

Full course description

Date and time

Monday 20 April 2020, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm


This learning event is right for you if you are a beginning teacher wanting to connect with other new teachers and to be supported as you start your career


This learning event is a great opportunity for beginning teachers to network with other new teachers as well as gain valuable information to assist their teaching and learning. Participants will hear from the Victorian Institute of Teaching on moving toward full registration and the code of conduct for teachers. There will also be information on classroom management, knowing how your students learn, working with students from different backgrounds, and teacher wellbeing.

Past Participant comments:

This ISV seminar was highly beneficial, particularly the opportunity to meet with other beginning teachers from different schools/colleges and discuss similar issues/concerns within our workplace.

It is great to see teachers from every part of Victoria come together, share their experiences, and swap contact details so that they can keep in touch.

Key takeaways                

Insight around questions such as:
  • what has been the most positive experience this year?
  • what is making your heart sing and how do you get more of that?
  • what have been some challenges and how might you overcome these?

Presenter information

Jackie Macreadie                            

Jackie Macreadie is a Principal Advisor for Independent Schools Victoria with over 25 years’ experience in education in schools and universities. She has held diverse portfolios, ranging from development of International Student Programs, Registered Training Organisations, to leading change in schools as a school leader. Jackie supports schools in a variety of contexts, ranging from compliance, policy development, curriculum and student well being initiatives as well as school performance, strategic planning and governance. Jackie holds a Masters of Educational Leadership and is studying a PhD at Monash University in Science Learning Spaces.

Linda Blakis                        

Linda Blakis is a Principal Practitioner with VIT.

After a highly competitive recruitment selection process, Linda joined VIT in February 2019 to take on the newly created Principal Practitioner role. This role works across many branches to build a strong connection between VIT and the teaching profession.

A trained secondary teacher, Linda has worked predominantly in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, and was Assistant Principal of a large P-12 school before taking up the VIT appointment. Linda is passionate about teaching and the importance of investing in teachers, who she sees as our state’s most important professional group.