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Creative Minds, Thriving Schools 2024126W

Aug 13, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

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Full course description

Date and time 

Tuesday 13 August 2024 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm 

Delivery mode 

Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event 


School Leader, Principal, Teacher 


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In ‘Creative Minds, Thriving Schools’, Rebecca Cody and Andrew Fuller will explore the vital role of creativity in education, emphasising its connection to adventure and positive learning environments. This learning event will both challenge and guide school leaders, teachers, and principals in fostering creativity by discussing: 

  • The connection between creativity, adventure, and positive education 
  • Establishing playful preconditions for nurturing creativity 
  • Designing stages for lifelong creativity 
  • Promoting creative thinking and living 
  • Embracing creativity at any age. 

Gain the trust and support needed to overcome self-doubt and inspire a creative, active approach to education, unlocking the 'entheos' within every individual. 

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” - Sir Ken Robinson 

“The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued.” Imagine If...: Creating a Future for Us All - Sir Ken Robinson, Kate Robinson


Key takeaways 

  • deeper understanding of creativity in education gaining insights into the interlinkage between creativity, adventure, and positive education, and how these elements enhance learning environments
  • strategies for fostering creativity by learning effective strategies for establishing playful conditions and stages that nurture creativity in both students and educators
  • tools for creative thinking and living including practical tools and techniques to encourage creative thinking and living, applicable in various educational settings
  • ways to encourage lifelong creativity by discovering methods to inspire and support creativity at any age.


Presenter information 

Rebecca Cody 

Rebecca Cody believes that the influence of education is far-reaching, and ultimately shapes a society's culture. That's why she strives to enable students to be challenged academically in a safe, holistic environment. As a strong advocate of choice within the education sector and the need to celebrate diversity, Rebecca’s approach is centred by an unwavering commitment to leading a learning community where students and staff thrive. Rebecca is currently Principal of Geelong Grammar School. 

Andrew Fuller  

Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, author, speaker and creator of Learning Strengths™. Andrew has worked with over 3,000 schools in Australia, NZ Asia and the UK and with more than 5000,000 young people on core elements of resilience - connect, protect and respect (CPR) and building The Resilient Mindset. Andrew Fuller is a Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne and has been a scientific consultant for the ABC and a regular presenter on Radio National. He has established programs for neuroscience and education and the promotion of mental health in schools, substance abuse prevention, and the reduction of violence and bullying, suicide prevention programs and for assisting homeless young people. 



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