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Industry insights - Note Printing Australia (NPA) 2024037FA is a Course

Industry insights - Note Printing Australia (NPA) 2024037FA

Mar 14, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

$100 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time 

Thursday 14 March 2024, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm (need to arrive by 9.50 am) 

Delivery mode 

In person in Craigieburn (further information regarding location will be provided to enrolled participants) 


Teacher, Senior Leader 


In a rapidly changing world of work, it is important for teachers to keep up to date with industry. By gaining current industry knowledge, teachers can ensure that what they teach is relevant to the real world. This relevance can make classroom learning more engaging for students and help prepare them for the future.  

To give teachers the opportunity to learn more about industry, visits have been organised with various employers. These visits are open to all teachers and are not necessarily subject specific.  

Please note all the industry visits are capped. Prior to the event, ISV will contact participants with further details. 

Research highlights that teachers who have a greater understanding of industry can play a vital role in helping students to succeed in life beyond school. 

Note Printing Australia (NPA) 

Note Printing Australia (NPA) is responsible for manufacturing banknotes and passports for Australia and many other nations – and is one of the most secure areas to visit in Australia. With over 30 different career pathways running through the business, teachers will be provided with an excellent insight into the hidden world of NPA. The visit will also include a session with the forensics expert from the Reserve Bank of Australia.  

Please note teachers attending NPA will need to complete a security clearance. They will also be required to bring a government-issued ID on the day. Further information will be provided by ISV to enrolled participants.  

Key takeaways  

  • increased knowledge of industry by experiencing it first hand
  • awareness of the role teachers can play in supporting students’ transition during school and beyond
  • understanding of how teachers can link the insights gained from the visit into their teaching and curriculum, to reflect the changing needs of the workplace
  • ideas to further support the development of students’ skills valued in current and future workplaces
  • opportunity to learn from industry professionals, engage with industry and share knowledge with other teachers back at school. 

Presenter information

Maria Floudiotis

Maria is the Education Consultant, Careers at Independent Schools Victoria. In her role, she provides high-level advice and support to Independent schools in relation to career education. Maria has a strong background in career development and education and has held leadership, consulting, teaching, lecturer, and career practitioner roles, in this field. She has diverse experience, having worked in schools, tertiary institutions, and corporate and government settings. 

Link(s) to relevant VRQA Standards

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes