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AMPLIFY leadership wisdom is a Course

AMPLIFY leadership wisdom

Nov 7 - Nov 22, 2021

$4,700 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time

Monday 8 November 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Three coaching sessions – dates to be arranged


Delivery mode

Online - a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the workshop.

Note the three coaching dates and times are also online and will be arranged at the workshop.



This learning event is right for you if you are an educational leader wanting to address the increasing complexities of your work.



Educational leaders are being called upon to take up different roles, or even the same roles in different ways, or with a different level of commitment. Who they know themselves to be and who they are accustomed to being seen as, has been shaken. The AMPLIFY leadership wisdom program provides developmental support for leaders to focus on themselves - their stage of life and career, and how they make sense of themselves, others and the world. It assists them to recognise when they are operating from their leading edge and when they fall back to their trailing edge. Understanding this fallback allows us not to judge others based on how they show up in any one moment. It increases empathy not just for others, but for self, and encourages both a long-term view of development and a moment-to-moment awareness.

Through a full day, online workshop, followed by 3 three-hour online small group coaching sessions, you will explore your own development as a leader in order to engage your ‘bigger self’ to navigate the complex world you operate in.

‘Cohort Coaching, authored by Desley, is a methodology which cuts to the heart of the challenges facing leadership teams as they seek genuine collaboration to achieve improved results not just for themselves but for the broader organisation. I have a good understanding of Desley’s program and observed her coaching and have been impressed on each occasion with her disarming warmth which overlays a deep intelligence and acute insight into how to keep people ‘safe’ whilst moving them into new ways of thinking.’

Meg Hansen

Principal at Westbourne Grammar School


Key takeaways               

  • strategies to address the increasing complexities of your work
  • understanding of your leading edge and your trailing edge
  • increased empathy for self and others
  • development of a long-term view as well as a moment-to-moment awareness.


Presenter information

Dr Desley Lodwick                       

Dr Desley Lodwick is deeply interested in what makes cotemporary workplaces tick, why people get stuck and what to do about it.  Her work focuses on nurturing wisdom; facilitating skill development for making progress in even the most challenging of circumstances. She has a keen appreciation of the demands that are made on leaders having spent over 25 years in leadership roles including within the education industry and as Managing Director of a global IT company. When Desley is not supporting leaders themselves, she works with others who are in the business of supporting leaders. She runs advanced programs for coaches and leaders concerning how they can change their way of thinking, acting and engaging with others in a complex and fast changing world. Desley's PhD represents a much needed innovation in thinking about how adults learn.