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Real world problem-solving is a Course

Real world problem-solving

Oct 12 - Oct 27, 2021

$1,340 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time

Day One: Wednesday 13 October 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Day Two: Friday 12 November 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

Online - a zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


This learning event is right for you if you are a Mathematics and/or STEM teacher looking to inject energy, engagement and connection to the real world into your problem-solving.


This course will hone your skills in facilitating a leading form of student-focused problem-solving.  Strategically evolved from Dan Meyer’s 3-Act methodology, the skills you will develop will enable you to better serve the individual interests, needs and preferences of every student in your class. You will capture and keep the attention of your students, nurture their desire to question, strengthen their ability to connect information and foster rich discussion about their methods and solutions.

Importantly, this course will both challenge and support you, as a Mathematics and/or STEM teacher, to analyse and drive forward your pedagogy and choice of resources on a daily basis.

Accompanied by a comprehensive workbook and free access to an extensive library of online resources, this leading-edge methodology will deliver a problem-solving boost as well as developing real 21st Century Skills and providing meaningful STEM applications.

‘Craig’s workshop helped inform our transition to a more student-led and inclusive mathematics program. It helped us to develop our problem-based learning across all of our grade levels.’ Previous participant

This learning event supports creating best practice toward the following VRQA standard(s):

Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes                                                                                   


Key takeaways              

  • a deep working understanding of the structure, intention and benefits of the 3-Act methodology
  • ready-to-use resources for K -10 real-world problem solving
  • clear assessment tools to examine and re-frame choices in problem-solving pedagogy and resources.


Presenter information

Craig Becker

With over 25 years’ experience as an educational leader, PD consultant and classroom teacher, Craig Becker is passionate and skilled in the areas of raising student engagement, reframing pedagogy and creating visible learning.  Craig’s work is strategically stakeholder focused and aligned with current leading meta-research.  He advocates for learning, leadership and professional development structures to be inclusive, positively focused and well communicated.  Craig has devoted many years to embedded action-research that has helped to identify and develop clear connections between learning behaviours, academic growth and student motivators.  An active proponent of both student and teacher efficacy, Craig has successfully led teams and curriculum initiatives in 6 different schools across 4 countries, including 2 of the world’s leading international schools.  Following his work as a key contributor to a global research and development initiative focused on driving improvement in schools, Craig continues his work as an educational consultant for both local and international schools whilst very much enjoying his Head of Department role at Toorak College.


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