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Using the arts to create the optimal classroom dynamic 2022132F is a Course

Using the arts to create the optimal classroom dynamic 2022132F

Jul 20, 2022 - Dec 30, 2022

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Full course description

Date and time

Tuesday 30 August 2022, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

In person at ISV, 40 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne


This learning event is right for you if you are a primary or early years teacher aware that the arts can fast-track connection and bring a calm and focussed dynamic to the classroom, but unsure to use it to it’s potential. If you’re seeking higher student engagement but you’re worried that you’re “not creative”, or “have no arts experience” then this learning event is for you.


In this unique full day workshop participants will experience how easy it can be to integrate the arts into teaching processes so they can enjoy high student engagement levels without needing arts or performance skills to do so.

Participants will work experientially and creatively with like-minded peers using the sociodramatic method. They will enact scenarios through roleplay, gain deeper insights into their teaching approach, collaborate with others, practise new ways of engaging with students to achieve the optimal class dynamic, and grow in confidence and ability to integrate creative processes into a classroom that supports the mental health of both participants and their students.

It is a dynamic workshop process that models the nature of teaching by responding spontaneously to the ideas that emerge within the group on the day, ensuring that the themes explored are relevant to participants’ needs.

'We were involved in the pilot stages of the Sprouts Creative program and can’t recommend the team enough. It was really powerful for teachers to understand how difficult and meaningful exploring emotions can be in a group. We are asking children to put themselves in situations that make them uncomfortable everyday. Being in these shoes of uncomfortableness today made me empathise with our children more. I realise that we need to take more care with them, and understand that the child may be feeling all sorts of uncomfortable feelings.'

Justeen, City of Yarra

This learning event supports creating best practice toward meeting the following VRQA standard(s):

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes                                                                               
  • Care, Safety and Welfare of Students – Safe environment                                                                          

Key takeaways               

  • develop new skills in relating and engaging with your students
  • increase strategies on how to manage disruptive behaviour using creative processes
  • explore new ways of supporting students in processing the emotional challenges they have faced over multiple lockdowns
  • a deeper understanding and confidence in how to integrate well-being into your daily classroom routine using the arts
  • discover a therapeutic element as you connect with peers in engaging and meaningful ways, having the space to reflect on what has been an incredibly difficult time for teachers.
  • a renewed sense of purpose, joy and inspiration for the important role you play as a teacher
  • the opportunity to step into the shoes of your students and see school life through their eyes
  • fresh perspectives and clarity on how to create a mutually beneficial teacher-student relationships.


Presenter information

Sharni Page       

Sharni is a Founding Director of Sprouts Creative, a theatre company that creates live and digital content for children that promotes wellbeing through the arts. She is a qualified psychodramatist and education facilitator. She uses experiential methods and role play to help children and adults overcome obstacles and understand themselves and others better.

Her philosophy, that learning happens best when it’s a whole body experience, forms the foundation of all Sprouts Creative educational and professional development content. Sharni believes that we always have the answers within us, and her approach allows this to occur naturally through the collaborative environment she creates.

She has created wellbeing programs and run professional development workshops for education institutions in Singapore and Dubai and her paper on Education in the 22nd Century was published in the United Nations Sustainable Development and Growth (SDG4) in 2019.

Sharni is also a singer, voice artist and actor on stage and screen.


Bridget a’Beckett                         

Bridget is also a Founding Director of Sprouts Creative. She is a musician, actor, writer, composer and theatre producer. She has produced and managed many creative projects in the government and community sectors as a facilitator, composer and Musical Director.