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Project Wayfinder - Purpose is a Course

Project Wayfinder - Purpose

Jun 9 - Jun 23, 2021

$800 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time                  

Thursday 10 June 2021, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


This learning event is right for you if you are an educator interested in developing students' meaning and purpose.


For individual ISV Affiliates and Non-Member Standard pricing, please use the appropriate discount codes at enrolment check-out as shown in the table below.

For all school team registrations please contact Will Hanley, Advisor, Innovation Practice – Curriculum.


Education has the power to transform lives by supporting young people to realise their potential by providing skills they need to be active participants in society. In this vein, the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration aspires for young Australians to be “confident and creative individuals who have a sense of belonging, purpose and meaning that enable them to thrive in their learning environment.”

Independent Schools Victoria has partnered with Project Wayfinder to help create lives of belonging and purpose for both students and educators. The Wayfinder journey is about encouraging students to take a step back and ask a simple yet profound question: What kind of life do I want to lead?

In Project Wayfinder’s Purpose curriculum students explore who they are and what matters to them, how their identity shapes their perspective and behaviour. It offers small daily practices students can apply to their everyday lives.

‘Project Wayfinder is a beautifully crafted program which brings the latest research into youth purpose to life with highly engaging, experiential learning experiences. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Project Wayfinder training and we are loving teaching the program.’ (Rhiannon McGee, Head of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School)

This learning event supports creating best practice toward meeting the following VRQA standard(s):

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Curriculum framework
  • Care, Safety and Welfare of Students – Safe environment

Key takeaways                 

  • build foundations of belonging, mental health and social connection
  • build a bridge for meaningful connection across distance learning
  • counteract the rising tide of student loneliness and other social-emotional challenges
  • increase students' perceived self-worth, developing a growth mindset and self-compassion.


Presenter information

Will Hanley                        

Will Hanley is currently an Advisor in Innovation at Independent Schools Victoria. Prior to his current role, he taught across a range of subject areas, holding various leadership positions, including Head of Department and Head of House. He has a passion for assisting young people to strive and thrive in multiple endeavours, challenging students to create and collaborate to comment on and positively contribute to the society in which they live. Will is a Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment facilitator and leads Project Wayfinder in Australia, a program that assists young people in developing belonging, purpose and meaning in their lives.




Diane Bourke                    

Diane Bourke is a Project Manager at Independent Schools Victoria after a long career as Head of Junior School. Diane facilitates a variety of projects including Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, Junior Great Books and Project Wayfinder. She has a passion for reading and education in general and firmly believes that a great teacher is one who is totally committed to every student in their care alongside delighting in collaboration and finding joy from encounters with new learning experiences. Regarding Project Wayfinder, Diane finds it ‘the icing on the cake’ because of its potential to enrich the lives of all young people.