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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for general staff 2021801SPG

Oct 25, 2021 - Dec 31, 2024

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Self paced online


This learning event is designed for staff who want to develop greater awareness of occupational health and safety policies, processes and procedures.


This learning event provides an overview of the core legal concepts and skills required when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the Victorian Independent school sector.

This Learning Event contains modules in which participants will learn about:

  • the foundations of occupational health and safety in schools

  • methods of identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing effective risk management controls

  • ensuring their own mental health and safety                                                               


  1. Risk Management
  2. OHS Foundations
  3. Incident Investigation
  4. Mental Health Awareness

Key takeaways 

Participants will learn about:

  • obligations and responsibilities under occupational health and safety legislation

  • strategies and techniques for implementing procedures to help ensure a safer work environment

  • methods for preventing and responding to workplace hazards, risks and incidents

  • processes for investigating workplace incidents

Download a PDF flyer.

This learning event supports creating best practice toward meeting the following VRQA standard(s):

  • School governance – Governance
  • Care, Safety and Welfare of Students – Safe environment
  • Care, Safety and Welfare of Students – Child safety
  • School Infrastructure – Buildings, facilities and grounds     



Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn is School Services Advisor at Independent Schools Victoria. Sarah is an experienced lawyer in the education sector. She provides strategic and practical advice to Member Schools in relation to a range of legal, regulatory, risk and compliance issues.



Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company. Willis Towers Watson designs workplace risk management strategies that help a broad range of Australian businesses achieve their financial and operational objectives. Whether their focus is accelerated growth or preparing for economic challenges, Willis Towers Watson provides organisations with solutions to meet their short and longer-term goals.