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LILAed 2024 - The Human Factor is a Course

LILAed 2024 - The Human Factor

Apr 30, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

$7,800 Enrol

Full course description

For ISV Affiliates and Non-members, please use the appropriate promotional codes at enrolment check-out:

  • ISV Member Schools – $3,900 (Promotional code: n/a)
  • ISV Affiliates (other AIS Members) – $4,900 (Promotional code: LILAAFF24)
  • Non-Members – $5,900 (Promotional code: LILANM24)

Date and time
Session 1: Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May 2024, 8.30 am to 3.00 pm (AEST)
Session 2: Tuesday 29 October and Wednesday 30 October 2024, 8.30 am to 3.00 pm (AEDT)

Delivery mode
LILAed is a full residential program which includes accommodation at the Park Hyatt, 1 Parliament Square, Melbourne. All sessions will be held in person.

LILAed is open to school Principals across Australia. It is limited to 20–25 participants and designed to be small enough to connect deeply with other members as well as researchers.

LILAed is a community of Principals and academic researchers facilitated by Marga Biller from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where we learn with and from one another.

It is open to Principals across Australia who are looking to make a significant impact, not only in their own schools, but in the field of education.

As a collaborative residential learning lab, the program is designed to:

  • foster a community in which members learn with and from one another
  • connect Principals with academics who will share their research and insights to generate new ways of thinking and doing in education
  • encourage participants to take on experimental initiatives based on the ideas shared by academics.

Theme for 2024: The Human Factor
What do schools that enable agency, belonging and connection look like?

This year’s theme for LILAed will explore:

  • How do we develop a culture of belonging?
  • What are the structures and practices in schools that activate agency? Which ones may inhibit it?
  • What type of leadership practices create strong collective connections between members of your school community?

Although people are at the core of school systems and structures, their design often eclipses people’s humanity and can end up benefiting some individuals at the expense of others.

Rather than seeing staff ‘as’ human resources, we can view individuals through the lens that they ‘have’ resources and skills. When individuals experience a sense of agency, belonging and connection they can transform those resources into effective interactions and outcomes.

In 2024, LILAed will explore the social systems within school through three different phenomena: Activating Agency, Beyond Belonging and Catalysing Connection.

We will boldly seek to better understand what the human factor means. We will tackle how to co-create spaces where every person feels seen, heard and respected, where commitment and investment are reciprocal between your school and the individual, and where people are entrusted to develop to their full capacity.

In other words, we will seek to identify how we can reshape our schools so that structures are grounded in agency, belonging and connection – where people are invested from the inside out.

Academic Faculty

Marga Biller

As Senior Project Director at the Learning Innovations Laboratory at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Marga has supported organisations integrate research in the areas of human and organisational development into their learning strategies and talent development processes.  In her consulting practice, Marga focuses on helping organisations develop learning strategies that help them align their development initiatives with their business challenges.

Of particular interest to Marga are the traits that encourage individuals and organisations to remain agile, innovative and resilient especially at times of change. Some of the puzzles that she has been exploring include - what enables individuals to be open to new experiences? What are the organisational enablers that help individuals learn from success and failure? How can we support individuals to reflect and revise perspectives that get in the way of being successful at work and energized by work? How to design environments that support informal learning in organisations? What are the elements of culture that help and inhibit development? Marga grew up in El Salvador and received her EdM from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and a BA from Tufts University.