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Leading beyond the pandemic

Started May 25, 2020


Full course description

Independent Schools Victoria is supporting professional learning for staff of Member Schools throughout term two utilising Non Government Reform Support funding.


Online resource: recorded event from May 25, 2020


This learning event is right for you if you are a middle or senior leader looking to capture the learning from this unprecedented time.


This online 60 minute masterclass, led by Tracey Ezard, will help leaders start to focus culturally and strategically on ‘beyond the pandemic’. How can we ensure that our schools don’t ‘go back to normal’ and lose the opportunities this time has afforded us in terms of transforming the way we think about and undertake the education we provide.  It will give participants a collaborative framework for identifying the innovations and transformation they are wanting to take forward, and how to tap into their teams’ collective efficacy.

This session will be an interactive online workshop, using both presentation and group discussion.

The session will focus on:

•       identifying where schools might be culturally in terms of stabilising; mobilising and innovating

•       exploring a framework for identifying which elements should be developed, embedded or discarded

•       minimising change monsters through increased collaboration and collective efficacy

•       maximising change catalysts through increased collaboration and collective efficacy

Tracey helps leaders and teams form the glue that will get them extraordinary results - the glue of collaboration, learning and trust.

Key Takeaways              

  • a future focused framework to lead collaborative conversations within the school
  • tools to identify the key elements that can help or hinder future transition to a new way of working
  • models to apply to the school context and identify the most useful actions
  • thinking that focuses on both strategy and culture

Presenter Information

Tracey Ezard      

Tracey is a speaker, educator and author who  has run leadership programs for education and system leaders for over 15 years in all education sectors around Australia and in New Zealand. 

Tracey’s collaborative framework for creating an environment of learning, trust and innovation is used in education  and organisational systems throughout Australia.  Her Buzz Diagnostic has been used by over 400 schools and has had over 4500 educators participate. 

Tracey is an author of two books, ‘The Buzz – Creating a Thriving and Collaborative StaffLearning Culture’ and ‘Glue. The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work’ She is currently working on her third book ‘Ferocious Warmth: Connecting Heads and Hearts to Transform Education’. 

Tracey is an educator and a Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders (Vic).

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