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Curriculum practices in Victoria: what's happening in schools? is a Course

Curriculum practices in Victoria: what's happening in schools?

Mar 3 - Mar 4, 2020

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Date and time                                                 

Wednesday 4 March 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm   


This learning event is right for you if you are a leader with responsibility for whole-school curriculum oversight, or leading a specific area of the curriculum and are interested in exploring the connection between your school’s values and vision and the curriculum


The introduction of the Australian Curriculum has focussed our attention on the importance of a contemporary, explicit, school-wide curriculum that provides core requirements; supports student choice, empowerment and engagement; reflects community priorities and prepares students for life in the 21st century. As Independent schools, we honour our vision and values through our curriculum.  Each school makes sensible connections between its vision, curriculum and teaching and learning practices.  This one-day workshop cannot provide the unique solution to the participants’ curriculum challenges, but it can ensure that ‘next practice’ for each is informed by a sound understanding of the current landscape.

This workshop will feature input sessions and opportunities for participants to consider the content in light of their context.

One of the most powerful predictors of student achievement is a guaranteed and viable curriculum, says Robert Marzano, the US education researcher.  Effective planning and documentation is a significant part of providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which is defined as a combination of opportunity to learn and time to learn (What works in schools: Translating research into action, 2003).

Key takeaways                

  • up-to-date understanding of the place of Australian Curriculum
  • overview of the emerging expectations and practices in Victorian schools
  • knowledge of the resources to support whole-school planning
  • clarity of the expectations of regulatory bodies.

Presenter information

Helen Schiele

Helen Schiele has worked in the educational field for some 26 years. She has developed professional learning in the areas of curriculum design, differentiation, professional learning communities, Cognitive Coaching and literacy and numeracy strategies. Prior to entering the primary and secondary areas, Helen worked extensively as an early childhood practitioner, predominately in low-socioeconomic areas and multicultural communities. Her extensive experience as a generalist teacher in both the primary and secondary fields also includes leading initiatives in gifted education and philosophy. Helen has a Masters in Education and is completing her Doctoral studies in collective efficacy.