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Instructional core and task work is a Course

Instructional core and task work

Starts May 4, 2020

$1,000 Enroll

Full course description

Date and time

Tuesday 5 May 2020, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm


Independent Schools Victoria, 40 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne


This learning event is right for you if you are a principal or school leader interested in powerful learning using the instructional core.


What does it look like for schools to have powerful learning throughout the school for both children and adults? This workshop is designed to help school leaders practice skills, tools, and habits that support powerful learning. We begin by diving into the instructional core, which is essential for any leadership of learning. What is “the instructional core,” and how does it help you think about focusing amidst many competing priorities? Then, we go right to the centre of the core and examine tasks as a high-leverage place to apply your attention and energy for learning. We will discuss what academic tasks are and why they matter, and then practice analysing student tasks. We will close by focusing on powerful adult learning. What sort of learning do we predict educators will have based on the tasks they are engaged in during their professional learning time together? How do we organise and support adults to do the learning we all need to do to support children well? This workshop is hands-on with several tools and ideas you can apply directly in your practice.

Key Takeaways                

  • definition and importance of the "instructional core"
  • ability to analyse student tasks and why they matter
  • tools and ideas to take back to your school and classroom for students and educators

Presenter Information

Elizabeth City                    

Elizabeth City is Senior Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), where she is Executive Director of Reach Every Reader and recently served as Director of the Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) Program. Liz has served as a teacher, instructional coach, principal, and consultant, in each role focused on helping all children, and the educators who work with them, realise their full potential. She is currently focused on accelerating the development of equitable, learning-rich environments.