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Quest-Based learning is a Course

Quest-Based learning

Starts Oct 14, 2020

$200 Enroll

Full course description

Date and time  

Thursday 15 October 2020, 8.30 am to 9.30 am


Online – a Zoom link will be provided 24 hours prior to the event


This learning event is right for you if you are a leader of teaching and learning


Interested in the questions below?

How can we assist our learners in creating personalised quests into meaningful issues and problems?

How can we expand global perspectives by engaging students in dynamic interdisciplinary investigations? 

How do we cultivate global competence and connections in the curriculum?

Join highly esteemed international thought leader Dr Marie Hubley Alcock for a powerful hour of exploration and practical insights.

“Marie is a rising star in the field of curriculum development, mapping, and strategic planning. With her intelligence and passion, she helps educators focus on how to help the learners in their care.” - Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, President - Curriculum Designers, Inc.

Key takeaways              

  • an overview of  Quest-based learning
  • a step by step process for helping learners dive into personalised investigations

Presenter information

Dr Marie Hubley Alcock              

As president of Learning Systems Associates, Dr. Marie Hubley Alcock serves as a national and international education consultant. Her work focuses on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment design. She has spent the last twenty-five years working in public and private education as a teacher, administrator, and public advocate. She is the founder of Tomorrow’s Education Network ‐ a nonprofit dedicated to promoting student literacy. Dr Hubley Alcock has been working with schools to improve student motivation and literacy development through digital tools,  game design and questing.