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Learning space design and the learning experience is a Course

Learning space design and the learning experience


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Full course description

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Dates and Times

Wednesday 17 June, Thursday 18 June & Friday 19 June 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm


This learning event is right for you if you are interested in utilising new and existing learning spaces to improve student learning informed by research and contemporary practices.


Learning Space Design  is an opportunity for a very hands-on workshop providing the potential to validate or refashion current stages of your school's facilities master plan and designs to ensure that the investment you make in future infrastructure will provide you with the very best design solution to meet the needs of your students and your school community.

Schools will be able to take advantage of information that addresses innovative learning space design with existing and new spaces, as well as longer term sustainability of their facilities.

Each participating school team will embark on an individual journey that explores learning goals and school vision, and connect these through brainstorming and best practice examples of innovative designs that meet the needs of the school and future sustainability.

Many independent schools in Victoria are making substantial investments in their future infrastructure and making submissions for funding through the BGA.  These workshops are designed to provide schools with information to assist with decision making.

Further feedback and assistance will be available through video-conference with Dr Denison.

Key Takeaways                

  • Examples of best practice 21st century teaching and learning, school design patterns and principles of design.
  • Idea generations
  • Feedback on current and potential project developments.
  • Clear vision, design patterns, conceptual design and guiding principles
  • Inspiring school designs through visiting schools

Presenter Information

Dr. Marilyn Denison                       

Currently Dr. Denison serves as the Teaching and Learning Designer for Connect4Success transforming schools across the nation.  Previously, Dr. Denison served K-12 education as an assistant superintendent, executive director, principal and teacher.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Education, master’s degrees in administration and counseling, and doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.  She sits on the board for the Great Expectations Professional Development model and was an adjunct professor at Sam Houston State University and St. Thomas University.

“I believe the future of tomorrow is in the learning experiences of today.”