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Creating a system where coaching can thrive is a Course

Creating a system where coaching can thrive

Mar 16 - Mar 17, 2020

$670 Enroll

Full course description

Date and time 

Tuesday 17 March 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm 


This learning event is right for you if you are beginning/reviewing the role of coaches to build capacity within your staff 


Discuss the steps involved in creating a coaching program, the specific coaching models that can be used, as well as tools for measuring the impact of coaching initiatives. The one-day session will include video of coaching conversations, how to train coaches within your school, and how coaching fits into a school wide system of professional learning.  

The broad context will include research behind teacher staff development and whole-school level considerations for capacity building with specific examples for leaders, teachers and coaches. 

Common challenges and issues will be explored and resources will be provided. 

‘When teachers stop learning, so do students.’

– Jim Knight 

Key takeaways 

  • key principles behind coaching conversations 
  • an example of a coaching framework in a school 
  • evidence-based strategies for approaching staff development.

Presenter information

Mark Dowley

Mark Dowley BEd, Med, is the Director of Staff Development at Brighton Grammar School, and he has experience building a coaching program in two Independent Schools. Mark has been trained in Cognitive Coaching, Growth Coaching and Instructional Coaching and manages a team of 11 coaches at Brighton Grammar School. He is currently completing his DEd at the University of Melbourne and, through his research role in the Crowther Centre, he explores how we can use research into staff development to build capacity throughout an organisation. 

Raelene Plozza

Raelene Plozza is an Instructional Coach at Brighton Grammar School. She has been involved in the development of the coaching program at the school from its inception, and balances a diverse coaching load with supporting new coaches as they navigate the role. Raelene has networked with and supported coaches in a variety of other schools and presented on coaching at an International conference in Baltimore. She is passionate about sharing her expertise and experiences with others. Raelene has been trained in Growth Coaching and Instructional Coaching.