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The Lab 2024: Sprint 2024055F

Jun 6, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

$2,500 Enrol

Full course description

Date and time

Tuesday 10 September 2024, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

Delivery mode

In person at ISV, 40 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne


Team consisting of School Leaders, Educators


The Lab 2024: Sprint is an intensive one-day program designed to empower schools with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the modern world. This transformative experience incorporates innovationXdesign principles, world-class processes, strategies, and tools specifically tailored to the unique context of Victorian Independent schools. The Lab 2023: Sprint will equip participants with innovationXdesign principles, fostering a mindset and skillset for change.

Throughout this condensed, yet impactful, program, school teams consisting of four to six members will embark on an immersive journey. You will have the opportunity to explore a challenge or opportunity of your choosing, develop and test a prototype, and subsequently refine and evolve an initiative that will bring about positive change within your own educational setting.

Key takeaways               

  • a prototype to address a challenge or opportunity in your context
  • guidance and insight from global experts
  • a design thinking process to provide the mindset and skillset for change
  • feedback from experts and peers to help you develop and refine your prototype
  • workbook to make your thinking and process visible.

Presenter information

Will Hanley       

Will Hanley is currently an Innovation & Learning Leader at Independent Schools Victoria. Prior to his current role, he taught across a range of subject areas, holding various leadership positions, including Head of Department and Head of House. Will leads Wayfinder in Australia and New Zealand - a program that assists young people and adults in developing meaning, purpose and belonging in their lives. He is a Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Facilitator and runs innovationXdesign. Will has a passion for assisting young people to strive and thrive in multiple endeavours, challenging students to create and collaborate in order to comment on and positively contribute to the society in which they live.

Link(s) to relevant VRQA Standards 

  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Curriculum framework                                                          
  • Curriculum and Student Learning – Student learning outcomes