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Raising student achievement is a Course

Raising student achievement


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Date and Time

Tuesday 10 March, Friday 22 May, Thursday 27 August and Friday 29 October 2020, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm


This learning event is right for you if you are looking at implementing an evidence-based whole school instructional model working with a leading global expert


Jane E. Pollock will present what works in schools to improve student learning. Dr. Pollock shares research that supports the premise that schools using “The Big Four” raise achievement for all students.

The Big Four:

1.            Create accessible curriculum with clear learning standards and objectives

2.            Share a schoolwide instructional model updated with research, neuroscience, technology and practices for any classroom

3.            Vary assessment strategies, formative and summative, to provide timely feedback

4.            Track and report student data by standards

Over the four-day program, a school team works together to transform their current practices to the Big Four.  In each meeting, participants get hands-on opportunities to share their work and see how to make the changes necessary to see gains in achievement.

As part of the process, teams will communicate with Dr. Pollock over email or video calls to receive feedback on their work and be able to ask questions that are specific to their own school.

Dr Pollock is returning due to the highly successful and popular 2017/2018 Raising Student Achievement program.

Key Takeaways                

·         Templates to create consistency and viability within your curriculum

·         A contemporary instructional model

·         Feedback strategies

·         How to use formative and summative assessment to raise student achievement

·         Shared understanding across a team to enable impact back at school.

Presenter Information

Dr Jane Pollock                 

Dr. Pollock, co-author of ASCD bestseller, Classroom Instruction That Works (2001), works worldwide with teachers, coaches and principals on instruction and supervision.  Her work results in improved student achievement at the classroom and school levels.  An EL and classroom teacher, Dr. Pollock worked as a district administrator and senior researcher for McREL Research Laboratory.

Dr. Pollock is a prolific writer including Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007/2019) and her latest The i5: teaching thinking, teaching innovation (2018).  Her current manuscript pending publication is, The Teacher Knowing-Doing Gap.